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What is Neobiedermeier

what is neobiedermeier

27. November 2016

Of course, every metaphor is flawed, today’s society is seperated by the industrial revolution in the 19th & 20th century, which is intrinsically tied to socialism. The significant global progress in the 21st century is the development of digital technology and thus the networking regarding all social classes and participating cultures.

We witness a change of unpredictable societal impact.

The neuronal processor of homo sapiens seems overwhelmed by extent interdependencies and the established problem solving strategies fail at highly complex correlations. Most of the responses to this issue are a increase in useless and inefficient measures already taken or a regression in a familiar and manageable domain. At the same time the digital umbilical cord is ubiquitous, permanent sharing of trivial and banal content has the loom of behaviour of an insect’s swarm. That technology that bereaved us of the need for direct human interaction is now used for compensation of the alienation induced by it. The substitute ends in itself and becomes the originary.

In a chaotic universe the illusion of continuity causes identity and mental stability, for us domesticated primates change is more threatening than welcome, no matter who, individual or society.

This is the leitmotiv of this project: the attempt to transpose pictures of common people’s daily life from a seemingly simple past to today. And to illustrate the omnipresence of the digital umbilical cord.

Even if time changes the basic conditions, humanity’s key issues stay the same.

A loveletter on vat paper turned into a whatsapp message. The obituary transformed from mail to email. Friends giggle at the photos of the dearest on facebook. The encyclopedia is replaced by google. In urban areas the supermarket has become the proximate supplier, not the farm. Technology and civilisation is omnipresent.

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